Sweet Ltd. offers the partnership scheme as follows:

  • The Staff of Sweet Ltd. offers such services as producing the face of gingerbread (gingerbread pattern) in accordance with the client’s design, delivery to the client’s office as well as calculation of the total cost of the order. The client shall be kept informed on all the details.
  • The client shall approve the cost of the order.
  • The executor’s designers and carvers shall prepare several variants of the gingerbread face pattern according to the client’s order;
  • The client shall approve one of the patterns suggested.
  • The parties shall agree upon the advance payment amount and terms of delivery, a foreign trade contract shall be drawn up and signed, the executor shall issue the invoice to the client;
  • The executor’s professional carver shall produce a wooden baking board for gingerbreads in accordance with the approved pattern (within 2 or 3 days depend on the pattern complexity), gingerbreads shall be baked (within 2 or 3 days depend on their quantity), all gingerbreads in the batch shall be packed (within 1 or 2 days);
  • The executor shall prepare shipping documents and pack gingerbreads for export delivery (within 1 or 2 days); the invoice and air waybill shall be sent to the client in advance, the shipping date shall be communicated to the client;
  • The executor shall send the ordered gingerbreads to the client`s office or to the airport of destination (depend on the terms of delivery) (within 4 or 5 days depend on the delivery point);
  • The client shall confirm that the order is received.
  • The parties shall settle all financial transactions and other procedures under the foreign trade contract and sign completion reports.

Provided that the gingerbread face pattern, terms and conditions of the foreign trade contract and other delivery details are promptly agreed by the parties, the order may be completed within 14 calendar days.