We await your request!

After booking an order we prepare a sketch and then agree it with the client. In the shortest possible time the order is completed and delivered straight to your office. Tula gingerbread is one of the most popular souvenir productions and corporate presents. It will surely become the best gift for clients on New Year, company's birthday or corporate parties. Choose the Tula gingerbread — best corporate gift.

Our clients are various companies like:

  • ITAR-TASS News Agency,
  • The Nielsen Company,
  • Polyplast Corp.,
  • Gazprom,
  • Status Company,
  • Consumatica Company,
and others.

Tula gingerbread is one of the best corporate presents for clients and business partners, since it is a souvenir production and powerful means of advertisement, forming an unforgettable image of your company.

With the usage of a unique technology our company may place a logotype of any complexity on Tula gingerbread by your own sketch.

Tula gingerbread differs with its delicacy from other corporative gifts. We produce gingerbreads in Tula based on natural ingredients, of any form and complexity in shortest possible time. You can please your customers and partners by ordering gingerbread with a logotype.

On the website of our company you may learn the technology of producing the logotype on gingerbread.